Friday, April 27, 2012

First Meeting Recap

Next Meeting: Sunday May 20th at 3pm - 4pm
Location: To Be Determined

Areas of Interest:
*        Guerilla Gardening
*        Awareness & Education
*        Access to Food
*        Garden Art

Project Ideas:
*        Interactive Fruit Mapping
*        Red Raven Courtyard Projects
*        Ellen Hopkins School Garden
*        Charsim/McCormick Park Garden

Workshop Ideas:
*        Foraging for Wild Food
*        Container and Square Foot Methods
*        How and What to Compost
*        How to Make Seed-bombs
*        Canning and Preserving

Possible Events:
*        Seed and Cutting Exchanges
*        Food Independence Day Ride
*        Petal Power Garden Tour
*        Monday Night Movie with Local Snacks

In preparation for the next meeting, those in attendance agreed to:
*        Read content posted to and note suggested corrections or edits
*        Think of about what they'd like the group's intention, purpose, and vision
*        Lauryn and Paul agreed to work on a poster/flier and Jennie agreed to help with distribution

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